Audi’s “hipster guide” to the future

Welcome to the first blog of the brand new Carfinanceshop website. This blog will endeavor to inform you about the latest car news, financing news, and anything that may help you in your future financing decision.

For the first post of the new blog we will be looking at luxury carmaker Audi. Trying to understand their performance over the past year and new products for the year to come.

With the launch of the upcoming Audi A3 Sedan, Audi are planning on having a launch party for its newest Sedans for just “hipsters”. They are looking to penetrate the young, influential buyers market, believing that this will help their brand image and build a loyal consumer base.  According to Automotive News, the company has sent a 64-page guide to all dealers to appeal to this group of late 20s to early 40 year olds.  Some of the recommendations in the 64-page “hipster guide” is serving craft beers, bacon donuts; play music from bands such as Empire of the Sun and Chvrches.

The aim of the “hipster guide” is to try lower the average age of individuals purchasing luxury vehicles. In recent years, the average age has been increasing; the Audi A4 with a average age of 48, BMW 3 Series being 55 and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class being 58. The aim is to “get in early” and build some brand loyalty or build aspiration by this young market to save to earn these cars.

Potential assisting this “hipster guide” is the announcement of the Audi Online traffic light information system. This system is said to help cut CO2 emissions by up to 15 percent and reduce fuel consumption by 900 million liters if it was to be deployed across Germany.  The prototype is meant to tell the driver what colour the light will be when they reach the next traffic light. This system is meant to tell the driver if they are required to speed up to get through the next green light or if they can slow down and still get there. This should help drivers drive a lot more efficiently and stop people flying through yellow lights.

In addition to helping you get through the green light, it also assists the driver by knowing when the light will go green and accesses the start-stop capabilities of the car and start the engine up 5 seconds before the lights go green.  Yet another step forward to autonomous cars and hopefully safer roads.

The system is currently being tested in Verona, Italy and Berlin, Germany. The system is said to be under “intense analysis” by the United States, according to a press release from Audi.

The hope of the “hipster guide” and the Audi Online traffic system is to help broaden the gap between Audi and its closest rival BMW. During the past two months Audi has sold just 383 cars more than BMW, this just intensifying the battle in the luxury car market. Audi claims to have sold 242,000 since last February up 9.3 percent in comparison to BMW who claim to have sold 242,017 units, up 9.9 percent.

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