Rear-view Cameras should be Mandatory

Rear-view Camera Test Object










A recent study by the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), which is a not-for-profit US based organisation, have found that rear-view cameras are key to safety. The study found that rear-view cameras reduce blind spot collisions, especially drive way collusions, by up to 90 percent.

It depends if you look at the glass half-full or half-empty, but this reports shows that still with all the safety features and technology in a car that these accidents can still occur.

As seen in the graph below, 100% of the 111 volunteers hit the stationary object when they were just using their mirrors. 95% with parking sensors, this reduced even further to 56% with just a camera, however outstandingly with both the camera and seniors 75% hit the stationary object.

For the moving objects, less than 10% hit the object with the camera and the sensors, 40% with the sensor, 13% with the camera, and 13% with no technology at all.

IIHS Study Results

This report shows that the sensors are not helping society at all, they are making the issue worse.  They are giving drivers a fake sense of security.A reason that the sensors are not helping society could be due to the limited range of the sensors, which does not give the user enough time to react.

This report just amplifies the requirement for reverse cars to be mandatory in all new cars. “Child Pedestrian Safety: ‘driveway deaths’ and ‘low-speed vehicle run-overs’ Australia 2001-2010 report”, both federal government reports based upon the past 10-years said that 66 children aged under 14 were killed and 483 seriously injured between 2002-2010 by a vehicle around the home.

Make sure when you purchase your next car it has a reverse camera, it could save someones life.

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