Weekly Round Up – Week 2

In this week weekly round-up we will be covering topics ranging from: Outrunning a speed camera to increased prices for larger vehicles in car parks.

Can you outrun a speed camera?

Source: Herald Sun

Source: Herald Sun

Many of us have thought “if I just speed more maybe I can avoid the red light camera”. It is actually possible to, well sort of. The required speed is approximately one-fifth the speed of light, at this speed you can outrun the speed camera, as your number plate would just appear as a blur.

Now for people thinking “oh yeah I can definitely get to that speed”, you would have to travel approximately 192,107,007 km/h.  This speed would probably see you fly out of the earth atmosphere at the same time as you beating the speed camera.

Moral of the story, theoretically it is possible to beat a speed camera but it is never going to be humanly possible.

Electric cars already saving over 170 million litres of petrol in the US

Electric Car Charge

In a recent study from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), plug-in vehicles /battery-electric cars and plug-in hybrids are saving over 170 million litres of petrol.  This is a total saving of approximately $250 million so far.

The recent study calculated that there were almost 200,000 on US roads; amazingly they found that all but thirty thousand of them were purchased in the past three years.

Rear-view cameras become a standard feature

Following up on another article of ours “Rear-View Cameras should be Mandatory”,  where it was found that the rear view cameras reduced the risk of reversing into somebody by a considerable amount.

Hopefully Australia will follow Americas example by making it a MUST feature in all cars. As of May 2018 cars sold in the United States must have a rear view camera, under new legislation just passed in the States.

Parking fees higher for bigger vehicles


We all know that parking in the city is exorbitantly expensive, for most people the price of parking is the most expensive part of going to the city. Well if you were to park your Ford Territory or your Range Rover in an American car park you could be slapped with a a charge ranging from $10-$15 for one company and $40 for others.

Hopefully we will never see this happen in Australia, considering our most expensive car park spot was $88 for all day parking in the city.